Youtube Channel with the Oral Histories Here

The New Haven County Bar Association Oral History Project is recording stories from the longest serving members of the bar, focusing on their interactions with the bar association, their colleagues, judges, and the changes that they have observed in the customs and practices of the legal profession.

We hope this project will help strengthen the sense of community within the New Haven Bar Association. Particularly, we would like to provide an opportunity for young lawyers and local law students to learn from and get to know the most experienced members of the bar. We extend an invitation for all members of NHCBA, particularly young lawyers to volunteer to conduct these interviews.

We know everyone looks forward to recording and preserving our bar association’s history. Thank you for joining us as we honor the members who have helped make the New Haven Bar the welcoming and well-regarded organization it is today.

Please contact Siobhan Barco at Siobhan.Barco@gmail.com to suggest members of the bar we should interview.

Your NHCBA Oral History Project Committee,

Siobhan Barco, Mills Law Firm LLC

Steve Jacobs, Jacobs & Jacobs LLC

Jonathon Stock, Secretary & Legislative Liaison Connecticut Bar Association Law Librarians Section

Prof. W. John Thomas, Quinnipiac University School of Law